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CISJ Director

Ms Nair Cardoso

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Nair Cardoso is the director of CISJ - Saint Joseph International Nursery in Macau. She worked 4 years as a kindergarten teacher at the International School of Macau (TIS) and was the kindergarten pedagogy leader for 2 years. She has also worked in Macau nurseries and playgroups. She is Portuguese and was raised in Macau, with a strong Chinese and Portuguese cultural background. She speaks fluent Cantonese, Portuguese, English and can communicate in basic Mandarin. Nair holds a Bachelor degree in Communication and Graphic Design. She worked several years with design & marketing, art and events, also in IT software training. Nair holds a degree in Infant Education and completed her Master in Education, focused on Sensory Play and exploration. Currently, she is in her 2nd year of a PhD program, researching Sensory Play in early childhood education. Nair has participated in numerous professional developments around the world to extend her knowledge in early childhood education, to learn about different philosophies and approaches for early years, and she is passionate about the Reggio Emilia approach and inquiry-based learning. Nair presented several teachers training and professional developments mainly in Macau, Cambodia, Portugal, Taiwan and China. She is the owner of My100zone - kids club a Reggio Emilia inspired playgroup in Macau. Her background in art and design helps her creativity shine in the classroom and inspired teachers in different ways. She believes that learning is a construction process, building trust with children, parents and teachers. Teaching is meaningful, and loving early years education is wonderful!

E-mail: cisj.cardoso@gmail.com | Tel: +853 2872 7328


CISJ Supervisor

Ms Gail Sio


Hi, my name is Gail, I am currently the supervisor of CISJ.

Actually, working in the education field is my goal. In 2019, I worked at an education centre in Macau as a teaching assistant and administrative staff. In the same year, I got the Maternity and Infant Care Certificate. From my experience, I believe that each person personality and character can be affected by their childhood experience. The Chinese proverb saying "Three years old, defined your eighty", means roughly: From the character and personality traits revealed by a three-year-old, will draw his personality in adulthood. Therefore I decided to extend my studies in early childhood education. I also read and learn from diverse ways about different parenting methods for young children, nurturing a healthy child, nutrition and babies safety play. To ensure that children can grow up in a healthy, happy and safe environment, I also obtained internationally recognized first aid and food safety certificates in 2020 and 2021. Before I devoted myself to education, I also worked closely with the Macau Autism Association, supporting parents to know more about autism avoiding misunderstandings in this area.

Email: cisjgailsio@gmail.com


CISJ Teachers


Ms Vanessa

I am very glad to be a teacher at Saint Joseph International Nursery (CISJ).

I love children and becoming a teacher was a dream. I got a certification in Early Childhood Education after my university studies. I graduated from Macau University with a bachelor’s degree in Portuguese and went to Portugal for six months as an exchange. Being in Portugal helped me to acquaint myself with the local life and Portugal culture. This is a precious experience in my life. I can speak Chinese, Portuguese and English which will help me to communicate with children of different nationalities, minimizing the language barrier. I hope to combine the concept of Reggio Emilia approach to create a diversified learning space for children through nature, music, art, and other natural elements. I believe I can inspire children to use their innate abilities and cultivate their interest in self-learning and creativity. I am excited to give an innovative education to all our children and families in CISJ.

Email: cisjvanessasi@gmail.com 


Ms Lisa

I am very happy to be a teacher at Saint Joseph International Nursery (CISJ).

I have experience in early childhood education, previously I worked at a local nursery as an assistant for 2 years. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Infant Education at Tianjin Normal University. My teaching philosophy is believing that children can learn better through play, where they can develop cognitively, emotionally, develop language and motor skills. I hope to inspire children every day as their role model and help them to develop their maximum potential in a safe and happy environment. I am a yoga teacher and I loved music, dancing and sports, I wanted the children in my class to move, learn and discover this world by exploring naturally. I will further my studies by undertaking a Master in Education very soon!

Email: cisjlisasit@gmail.com 


Ms Ana Cardoso

Hi, my name is Ana Cardoso! I am currently CISJ teacher!

I am Portuguese raised in Macau. I am a mother of two girls, and a pre-kindergarten teacher and also a professor. I am creative and passionate about art. I hold a doctorial degree (PhD) and Pos-Graduation in Education (PGDE) from USJ in Secondary and Infant education. Besides teaching the little ones, I was also a visiting professor at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) and a teacher in Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Centre (CPTTM), nurturing the youngest generations. I have been lecturing for more than 8 years, within a variety of subjects connected with arts, design, and the educational fields. I am passionate about the Reggio Emilia approach and working in CISJ I can extend this philosophy in my class, allowing children to play, extend their natural curiosity, explore art and engage in their learning process.

Email: cisjanacardoso@gmail.com 


Ms Sara

Hi, my name is Sara Ferreira and I am CISJ nursery teacher.

I am originally from Portugal, where I took my Early Childhood Education Degree and worked more than 10 years as Nursery and Kindergarten teacher, focus on Infant education. I am living in Macau for approximately seven years and during this period I was working as a kindergarten teacher. I love teaching, I have children, I am passionate about early years, it is very enriching to work with children and learn from them every day.

Email: cisj.sara@gmail.com

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Mr Ricardo

Hi, I am Ricardo Rodrigues. I am a Portuguese living in Macau for nine years. I teach young children for more than four years using primarily the Reggio Emilia-inspired educational approach. I hold a PGDE in Infant Education, a degree in accounting, a BSc in Anthropology and, currently I am writing the dissertation for my Master of Business Administration in Univerisity Saint Joseph. This experience, together with my passion for teaching, provided me with the essential skills to deliver instruction, manage the classroom environment and focus on creating positive environments in which children can learn and grow. I have worked as a sub-teacher in TIS, I have been a tutor and also working in a playgroup in Macau providing children with different learning strategies and play-based approaches, also Reggio Emilia educational approach inspired me.

I am passionate and happy to work in CISJ as a teacher!



Ms Ana (Aninhas)

My name is Ana Caldeira and I´m very happy to be working at Saint Joseph International Nursery (CISJ).

I am from Lisbon, Portugal, and moved to Macau in August 2000. I´m a graduate from the University of Macau, with a Bachelor's Degree in Law and will pursue my studies with a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, from the University of Saint Joseph. I also hold a diploma in Photography from a University in Portugal (IADE - Faculdade de Design, Tecnologia e Comunicação) and a short-term Intensive Chinese Language Course from Beijing Language and Culture University. I am a hardworking, dedicated individual, always willing to learn and I'm very patient, caring, responsible and playful. I love children and have a true passion for working with them. In the past, I volunteered with GELMAC and Cradle of Hope and I have experience teaching Portuguese as a foreign language to children aged 4 to 7 years old. Personally, I'm a mother of two, a boy with 10 years old and a daughter with 8. My kids are everything to me and everything I do is because of them. In my free time, I enjoy being with them and our friends. We organize activities, gatherings, and we love doing arts and crafts at home.



CISJ Specialist Teachers


Ms Rowena

Hi, my name is Rowena Gran and I am a language teacher at CISJ.

I am working in CISJ for almost 1 year, and I love being with children and watching them grow every day! I am originally from the Philippines where I graduated Doctor of Optometry. I practised my field in several countries including the Middle East where I worked in pediatric clinics and in Macau Eye Clinic for a year. With my experience, including being a mother of three children, I am well-equipped with taking good care of and being professional when working with children. I love playing with children and teaching them through exploration and a play-based approach, to support children to reach their maximum potential.


Ms Elise

I am Elise Gomez, born and raised in the Philippines. I finished my primary education in one of the Catholic schools in the Philippines named Colegio San Agustin Makati. After migrating here to Macau, I continued my secondary school at Macao Sam Yuk Middle School and graduated senior secondary under the Science and Business class which allowed me to have the basic knowledge in different branches of science such as biology, physics and chemistry. In addition, I also study business, accounting and economics. I graduated with a Bachelor's of Social Science in Communication with a Specialization in Public Communication at the University of Macau. After graduating, I landed a job at one of the casino hotels here in Macau and attained the Supervisor position for 3 years, this helped me to develop leadership skills and communication. After the hotel industry, I was blessed with a daughter, and motherhood allowed me to learn more about young children. I moved on in my carrier and started to work in a nursery in Macau as a Teacher Assistant and later moved to Creche Internacional de São Jose (CISJ) last October 2020 where I was able to build a career path and become in charge as an Art teacher. To enhance my knowledge and skills in teaching, I am now enrolled at the Universidade of Saint Joseph (USJ) to take up a Postgraduate Degree in Infant Education.


Mr Rui

My name is Rui Abreu; I was born and raised in Macau and I am married with two children. Being a father, for seven years now, has given me an appreciation and skills to work with small children. Although having spent most of my life in Macau, I lived in Portugal for eight years where I continued my studies in Arts. Even though my passion lies in Art, my professional background is in Hospitality, I have worked in bars; coffee shops; restaurants, and hotels. I am skilled in verbal interaction, organizing, being accustomed to stressful 

situations, and thinking quickly on my feet.

I am a Teacher Assistant at CISJ, my function is to provide art-based activities for the children. Some of my duties include preparing the art class, aid teachers with supervision, and assist the children with their tasks. I am always happy when I get to work with anything related to Art. When I find myself in a new work environment, I always want to help improve the workplace and create good vibes.
My hobbies include drawing, reading, cooking, watching movies, and photography.

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Ms Sandra

I was born in Lisbon, but I lived my childhood in Macau. Back in Portugal, where I did most of my studies, and years later, while working in Fashion as a make-up artist and fashion consultant, I initially applied for a degree in Education and after a while I switched and conclude my Social Work degree. As a Social Worker I had the experience of mediating between defendants and courts;  I worked in the rehabilitation of alcoholics and drug addicts;  as well as I took care of orphaned children with Autism and ADHD. Also with children, my first job in Macau was in a children's playgroup aged between 1.5 and 14 years old, where singing, dancing and storytelling have always been a big part of their daily routine in Portuguese and I taught them English using Phonics Foundation.

My hobbies fall somewhere between baking/cooking, traveling and everything about Aromatherapy.


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