Welcome to Saint Joseph International Nursery!

Guideline for joining CISJ

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The following documents must be submitted before coming to nursery: 

Vaccination Certificate (Original)

Health certificate (original)

Copy of the child's <Personal vaccination book> (Please bring the copy)

6 children’s recent 1.5-inch passport photos

Recent photo and ID copy of the pick-up person (Mop 20 per pick-up card)

ID copies of children and parents/guardians

Parent's work certificate (If requested by the nursery)

Sign and confirm the authorization letter which includes: Autopay authorization of BOC, medical authorization, outdoor activity authorization, filming and video recording of the child in the nursery, the relevant authorization has been listed in the registration form, it is signed by the parents when the child registered, it will be kept by the nursery until the children withdraw.

The following objects should be “purchase” before starting date:

Purchase nursery apron (MOP 100 per piece) (Nursery apron is mandatory every day!)

Bring indoor shoes and shoe bags for children

Bring a water bottle, diapers (you can bring a few more packs), wet wipes (at least 2 packs), a set of clothes for spare and snacks (if necessary) and 2 zip lock bags (used to put diapers and change clothes) for the children. All personal objects must be labelled with the child's name for identification.

Child pillow and blanket

CISJ guidelines:

1. Drop-off time: 8:15-9:15 in the morning (If you are late and have no reasonable application in advance, please come back the next day)

2. Entry process:

A.     Present health declaration and take body temperature (child and caregiver)

B.     When entering the nursery, parents must wear a mask, and they can remove the mask for the child.

C.     After entering the reception area, parents are requested to bring their children to change their shoes and wash their hands.

D.     The staff will bring the children into the classroom.

3. Pick-up time:

The first two weeks of the nursery is a transition period:

 1st week: Pick up at 11:00.

2nd week: 1-year-old class 11:45, 2-year-old class 12:00.

Later, in response to the individual adaptation of the children, they gradually switched from half-day to full day, and they can be picked up at 16:00. If there are special circumstances, you can pick up until 17:45 at the latest (please communicate with the teacher).

4. The staff will do morning check and pick-up check for children every day, so parents are requested to pick up and drop off on time. The nursery will not be open during non-pickup hours.

5. Please show your pick-up card when picking up. The pick-up person must be over 18 years old.

6. If you lose the pick-up card or change the information, please notify the nursery for contact and update.

7. Parents must notify the nursery in advance of their late arrival, early departure, leave or other special matters.

8. Children are not allowed to wear accessories or bring valuables and toys back to the nursery to avoid injury or loss.

9. If the child is unwell, please call the nursery immediately to inform them of the situation and take the child to see a doctor. If the child has a runny nose or cough, please stay at home and rest until fully recovered. The teacher will also require the child to wear a mask during nursery time. If the child has fever, vomiting or infectious disease symptoms, the child must go to the doctor and stay home to rest for at least 48 hours. When fully recovered, the nursery needs a doctor's certificate to allow the child to return. (Please read the "Parents Handbook" for more details!)

Parents are requested to read the "Parent Handbook" carefully to know more about important guidelines related to CISJ!