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Admission list and waitlisted students

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2021年 招收幼兒錄取名單(Admission List of 2021)公佈名單模式︰


Announcement mode:  Nursery name-year-application number-child’s name (SJ20218888 LEI**)

Admission List and Waitlisted Students


全日班︰       1至2歲幼兒(出生日期由2019年7月1日至2020年6月30日)

Full day class: 1 to 2 years old (date of birth:  1st July 2019 to 30th June, 2020)

正選幼兒名單Admission List (35 children)﹔後補幼兒名單Waitlisted students (40 children)


全日班  ︰     2至3歲幼兒(出生日期由2018年10月1日至2019年6月30日)

Full day class: 2 to 3 years old (date of birth: 1st October 2018 to 30th June, 2019)

正選幼兒名單Admission List (26 children)﹔後補幼兒名單 Waitlisted students (40 children)


   Waitlisted students will be accepted only if the  admitted  applicant abandon their place(according to the applicant’s age).


  Waitlisted students will be notified by telephone.



ü  請於2021年5月11日至13日攜帶幼兒身份證明及相關文件到本托兒所註冊(幼兒身份證+父母/監護人身份證+幼兒吋半近照6張)。

     Enrollment between 11th to 13th May 2021, please bring along your child’s ID, parents’ ID, child’s 6 recent photos (1.5 inch).

ü  <疫苗接種證明書>正本、<個人接種手冊>副本、幼兒健康證明書須於復託日前交回托兒所。

     Vaccination and health certificates will be submitted before class resumption.

ü  全日班每月托費澳門幣2,500元(本地生) / 2,800元(非本地生) 及註冊報名費100元。

     Full day class monthly tuition fee MOP2,500(local) / MOP2,800 (non-local) and registration fee MOP100.

ü  繳交之首月全日托費及其他費用不作退還。

    Accepted all payment non-refundable.


Ø  5月11日至13日分批註冊(辦公時間10:00~17:00﹔中午無休)﹔逾期視作放棄托位。

     Batch registration within 11th May to 13th May (office hour 10:00~17:00, no lunch break). Overdue time is considered as abandon.

Ø  幼兒只可在一間受資助托兒所辦理註冊手續,如需申請轉托,請家長先到幼兒原已註冊或已入托之受資助托兒所取消註冊或申請退托後方可進行新入托註冊手續。

     One child can only be registered in one subsidy Nursery. Any change of nursery, parents please cancel the original nursery admission before the enrollment of the new nursery.

Ø  分批入托日期batch access of CISJ︰預計 6-9 月分批安排入托。

     It is expected that from June to September children will be arranged to enter in batches.