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Enrolment information for the year of 2022

Saint Joseph International Nursery enrolment information for the year of 2022


Full Day Class(Monday to Saturday, 8:00-18:00)

Children age:

1 to 2 years old(date of birth: 1st January 2021 to 30th June 2021)

2 to 3 years old(date of birth: 1st October 2019 to 31st December 2020)

Monthly fee:

Macau Resident MOP $2,700

Non Macau Resident MOP $2,900

Application procedures period:

March 1st to 26th, 2022




Announcement will be done by webpage: www.cisj.com and in CISJ notice board by May 3rd, 2022.

Registration date:

May 10th to 12th, 2022

Monday to Saturday, 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:00If didn’t register during the official period the enrolment will be canceled; all payments are not refundable.

The child abandons registration, the nursery will immediately arrange the back-up list child to replace. Parents are required to register within three working days from the date of notification or else will be waived.

Admission Date:

From July children will be arranged to enter in batches.

First 2 weeks and a half day.Adjusting entry day and transition period will be adapted to each child).


Tel: 2872-7328

Fax: 2872-7382

Address: Rua de Londres No 16, Wan Yu Villas PR/C, Macau

Webpage: www.cisjmacau.com


1. Personal data will be used in the processing of this registration for the relevant regulations and procedures under the Law n. 8/2005 “Personal Data Protection Act”.

2. All personal data is only for the Nursery online registration. The above data may be transferred to IAS for statistics and data analysis.

3. All data will be destroyed one year counting from the date of completion of the application procedures of IAS.

4. Data provided in this system of date of birth and the BIR number for either single births, twins or multiple births cannot be changed.

5. For twins and multiple births, if parents make an independent application for each child, then login the system and choose single births.

6. Result of Nursery admission will be defined by lots, children will not be admitted unless selected by computer drawing lots.

7. Applications for twins or multiple births choose the twins or multiple births in the system, if the result of the draw is positive, the twins and the multiple births will both have the admission of the Nursery.

8. Priority admission will be provided to qualified children of Macau BIR holders.