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Ms Nair Cardoso

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Nair Cardoso is the director of CISJ - Saint Joseph International Nursery in Macau. She worked four years as a kindergarten teacher at the International School of Macau (TIS) and was the kindergarten pedagogy leader for two years. She has also worked in Macau nurseries and playgroups. She is Portuguese and was raised in Macau, with a strong Chinese and Portuguese cultural background. She speaks fluent Cantonese, Portuguese, English and can communicate in basic Mandarin. Nair holds a Bachelor degree in Communication and Graphic Design. She worked several years with design & marketing, art and events, also in IT software training. Nair holds a degree in Infant Education and completed her Master in Education, focused on Sensory Play and exploration. Currently, she is in her 2nd year of a PhD program, researching on Sensory Play in early childhood education. Nair has participated in numerous professional developments around the world to extend her knowledge in early childhood education, to learn about different philosophies and approaches for early years, and she is passionate about the Reggio Emilia approach and inquiry-based learning. Nair presented several teachers training and professional developments mainly in Macau, Cambodia, Portugal, Taiwan and China. She is the owner of My100zone - kids club a Reggio Emilia inspired playgroup in Macau. Her background in art and design helps her creativity shines in the classroom and motivated teachers in different ways. She believes that learning is a construction process, building trust with children, parents and teachers. Teaching is meaningful, and loving early years education is wonderful!

Email: cisj.cardoso@gmail.com | Tel: +853 2872 7328

CISJ Teachers

Ms Vanessa


I am very glad to be a teacher at Saint Joseph International Nursery. I love children and becoming a teacher was a dream. I got a certification for Early Childhood Education after my university studies. I graduated from Macau University with a bachelor’s degree in Portuguese and went to Portugal for six months as an exchange. Being in Portugal helped me to acquaint with the local life and Portugal culture. This is a precious experience in my life. I can speak in Chinese, Portuguese and English this will help me to communicate with children of different nationalities, minimizing the language barrier. For the near future, I hope to combine the concept of Reggio Emilia to create a diversified learning space for children. Through nature, music, art, and other elements, I believe I can inspire children to use their innate abilities and cultivate their interest in self-learning and creativity. I am excited to give an innovate education to all our children and families in CISJ.

Ms Lisa Sit


I am very happy to be a teacher at Saint Joseph International Nursery. I have experience in early childhood education, previously I worked at a local nursery as an assistant for 2 years old. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Infant Education at Tianjin Normal University. My teaching philosophy is believing that children can learn better through play, where they can develop cognitively, emotionally, develop language and motor skills. I hope to inspire my students, also help them to develop their maximum potential in a safe and happy environment.

Ms Kylie Lao


I hold a bachelor and master degrees from Beijing Normal University and the University of St. Joseph, respectively, and interned in an affiliated Kindergarten at South China Normal University in Guangzhou. I worked as a tutor at a nursery based on the Canadian teaching model. I also worked as a volunteer for different music workshops and supported children emotional expressions and social skills with music. I love education and I always tried my best to study more and learn more about early childhood education, recently I have taken a speech therapy course. I am delighted to join the CISJ family and I am looking forward to enhancing children’s self-confidence, to help them to develop skills to develop the sense of responsibility, sense of art, emotional expression through play, art and sensory play. Let our children appreciate a joyful multi-cultural, happy and safe international environment at Saint Joseph International Nursery.


Constructive working relationship!

Constructive working relationship!

Teamwork requires early childhood professionals to share the workload, the willingness to help each other out and share knowledge. To have a functioning team, one thing is a must and that is Trust. In...